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Umbrian Truffle Clay™️ Moon Mask

100 ML | 3.4 OZ

Sale price$35.00

Embark on a transformative journey to luminous skin with the Umbrian Truffle Clay Moon Mask. Drawing from the ancient, mineral-rich clay basins in Umbria -  70 meters (230 feet) below the ground- this face mask is a deep dive into nature’s treasure chest of skin-loving nutrients.

Inspired by rituals that have spanned generations - dating back to 120 A.C - each application brings the age-old magic of Umbria, clarifying and renewing your complexion. Acting as a potent natural astringent, this mask is diligent in its mission: purging impurities from the depths of your pores, while also tightening and smoothing the canvas of your skin. Beyond the immediate effects, its moisture infusion and botanical nourishment work wonders on distressed skin. With each use, feel a harmony being restored.

This elixir isn't just about the potent clay. It’s enriched with the antioxidant potency of Umbrian Truffle Extract and a symphony of organic extracts: Lemon for a zestful brightness, Sage for balance, Rosemary for invigoration, Grape Leaf for restoration, Olive for nourishment, and the hydration marvel that is Chondrus Crispus Algae Extract. Together, they orchestrate a transformative dance, rebalancing problematic skin to unveil a purified, radiant complexion.

Umbrian Truffle Clay™️ Moon Mask
Umbrian Truffle Clay™️ Moon Mask Sale price$35.00