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The Power Couple

2-PC Set


Embrace the essence of Italian luxury skincare with our Bestselling Truffle Therapy Face Toner. An award-winning fusion of the potent Black Winter Truffle Complex combined with the revitalizing touch of Rosemary, Calendula, and Cucumber. This toning elixir gently purifies, hydrating and alleviating blemished, dull or uneven skin. With each application, the antioxidant-rich formula delves deep to clear clogged pores and combat reactive skin, revealing a brighter, healthier complexion that radiates confidence.

Infused with a plethora of botanical wonders, Truffle Therapy Face Toner not only brightens and evens skin tone but also immerses it in nourishing hydration. It stands as an essential step, seamlessly fitting between cleansing and serum application, ensuring your skin remains balanced, refreshed, and beautifully radiant. A $54 Value when purchased separately. 

Surveyed users were captivated:

  • 96% reported a brighter, more radiant complexion post-use.
  • For 95% with sensitive skin, noticeable clarity emerged after just 25 days.
  • An impressive 95% felt the difference immediately after the first application.
  • 95% would enthusiastically recommend Truffle Therapy Toner to a cherished friend.

PERFECT FOR: Tackling Breakouts, Refining Pores, Illuminating Dullness, Diminishing Dark Spots, and Addressing Hyperpigmentation.

The Power Couple
The Power Couple Sale price$ 990.00