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Truffle Therapy Whipped Cleansing Cream

150 ML | 5.07 FL OZ

Dive into a lavish Italian skincare experience with the Truffle Therapy Whipped Cleansing Cream. This opulent gel-crème cleanser, infused with the richness of Black Winter Truffle Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Mallow Leaf, and soothing Chamomile, offers an unparalleled cleansing ritual. Watch as it effortlessly melts away makeup, dirt, and impurities, all while delivering deep hydration and revitalizing your skin's natural glow. Infused with essential fatty acids, it strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier, ensuring a plump, luminous complexion day after day.

For every skin type, our Truffle Therapy Whipped Cleansing Cream stands as a pivotal step in your daily skincare routine, revealing perfectly cleansed, hydrated, and radiant skin.

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Truffle Therapy Whipped Cleansing Cream | SKIN&CO
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