Your cosmic beauty


Virgo Sun

August 23rd- September 22nd
Highly methodical, Virgo doesn’t leave anything in their life up to chance. People born under this sign are hard-working and analytical, making sure to plan everything.


Venus enters Capricorn on January 8th providing you connections with shared interests. Mercury enter Aquarius on the same day making you nostalgic for the old ways.

The new moon in Capricorn on the 13th inspires you to be mindful and use positive intentions to set your course. Once you set your mind to a task, your will-power can be Indestructible! Jupiter and Uranus clash on January 17th igniting a need for change. Before taking action, allow yourself to fully experience the feeling you are having first.

January 28th's leo full moon rekindles your connection with your inner-child and encourages you to fantasize and play. Mercury retrograde on January 30th makes you feel unsteady and steadfast plans may crumble. 

Check back every month for new insights! 

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Did You Know?

Even if your zodiac sign is not Virgo, this practical star sign can still align & shape aspects of your horoscope!

Virgo Rising

This Reflects Your Outward Persona

Your rising sign is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time you were born. Virgo rising's are known for their self-awareness. They are typically shy and intelligent.

Virgo Moon

This Defines Your Emotions

Your moon sign is determined based on where the moon was located at the time of your birth. Virgo Moon's are known to be very caring. They will often happily volunteer their time and hard work.