Your cosmic beauty


Pisces Sun

February 19th- March 20th
Pisces is highly emotive, friendly and like-able. Dreamy and full of imagination, people born under this watery sign can be greatly influenced by their environment.


Mercury enters Aries on April 3rd making way for several financial endeavors to bloom. On April 11th the Aries new moon boosts your current investments, making you even more financially successful and stable! Venus enters Taurus on April 14th, making you the talk of the town. You may have friends reach out to you that you haven't spoken with in a very long time and they are very interested in YOU.

The Sun and Pluto clash on April 16th, indicating that you may be at risk for an internal struggle. Do your values have any real merit lately? Mercury and the Sun align on April 18th encouraging you to do more for your self-promotion. Mercury and the Sun enter Taurus on April 19th making you very open to meeting new people, like a magnet others feel your warm pull. Mars enters Cancer on April 23rd boosting your creativity.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26th makes you feel vulnerable and on edge, especially with those close to you. Pluto retrograde on April 27th put a halt on you progress temporarily, try not to overthink this stagnation.   

Check back every month for new insights! 

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Did You Know?

Even if your zodiac sign is not Pisces, this fluid star sign can still align & shape aspects of your horoscope!  

Pisces Rising

This Reflects Your Outward Persona

Your rising sign is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time you were born. Pisces rising's are known for feeling physically detached and impressionable.

Pisces Moon

This Defines Your Emotions

Your moon sign is determined based on where the moon was located at the time of your birth. Pisces Moon's are known to be incredibly empathetic when they aren't day dreaming.