Your cosmic beauty


Capricorn Sun

December 22nd- January 19th
Practical and responsible, Capricorn has high self Awareness and a great work ethic! People born under this sign are masters at self control and management.


venus enters your sign on January 8th, highlighting all of your attractive traits. On january 12th, the Capricorn new moon inspires you to take charge and steer your course the way you want!

On january 14th the sun aligns in pluto and introduces some self-doubt, but don't be disheartened you CAN work through this. The sun enters Aquarius on January 17th giving you the strength to make good choices and you are praised for your judgment.

On January 28th, Venus and Pluto connect allowing you to easily connect with others. On january 30th, Mercury retrograde brings unexpected expenses and inconvenient setbacks.

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Did You Know?

Even if your zodiac sign is not Capricorn, this reliable star sign can still align & shape aspects of your horoscope!

Capricorn Rising

This Reflects Your Outward Persona

Your rising sign is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time you were born. Capricorn rising's are known for their duality. They are cautious and yet, have solid ambition.

Capricorn Moon

This Defines Your Emotions

Your moon sign is determined based on where the moon was located at the time of your birth. Capricorn Moon's are known to be serious and highly responsible individuals.