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Our journey begins in Montecastrilli, a small village in Italy. Born & raised in Umbria, where we also farm some of the precious ingredients that are blended into each of our product. Every formula is crafted by Artisans, Dermatologists, Chemists, and Farmers who use their expertise to blend the power of Mediterranean nature with local traditions through effective formulas for your skin.

Straight From Italy

We harvest the finest ingredients directly from the lush Mediterranean landscapes that have inspired generations. With a passion for tradition and innovation, we blend potent, locally grown botanicals into every formula. Our artisans, dermatologists, and farmers work hand-in-hand to deliver the true essence of Italy’s natural beauty straight to you, crafting luxurious skincare that embodies the timeless spirit of Umbria.

Slow Beauty. Fast Results. 

In a world of fast-paced beauty brands and Insta-trends, we celebrate the beauty ritual as a path to inner and outer radiance. We take our time, just like Nature, infusing every formula with botanical ingredients meticulously blended with modern science, for seriously glowing results. Revel in the ritual and embrace the glow.


Made with You, in Mind.

We craft modern, artisanal products with rich, universal textures, free from GMOs, gluten, and over 2,300 commercial beauty substances. Our vegan, cruelty-free formulas (PETA certified), powered by clean energy, are rich in high-performance botanicals, natural and/or ECOCERT-certified organic. Clinically tested, they deliver visible results for a simple, balanced, and healthy beauty routine.